Friday, February 16, 2007

Achieving High Aims

A few words from the scholar,
the Son of the Keeper of the School of Jawziyyah,
from his book "The Beneficial":

Achieving high aims depends upon having a firm intention and a strong will. Whoever loses them will never attain one’s goals, because when one’s intention is firm, it adheres to the plan, and if one’s will is strong, the servant will walk along the right way that leads to that aim. Having a strong will opens the way and a resolute intention focuses one on the aim. If one’s aim coincides with the way that reaches to it, one will be successful.

If one’s intention is weak, one will not have a high aim. If one’s will is not strong, it will (also) not lead one to the aim. The whole matter depends upon the will and the intention of the servant, and they will never be achieved without the following:

  • First, neglecting (avoiding and protecting one's self from) innovations which people make.
  • Second, abandoning worldly benefits and vain pleasures, which hinder one from one’s way and aim.
  • Third, purification of one’s heart from any vain desires that will distract one’s intention.